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In Case You're Wondering Who Actually Gets to Keep That Emmy Award . . .

When The Handmaid’s Tale won Sunday night’s Emmy for outstanding drama, an army of women and men stood behind showrunner Bruce Miller as he delivered the acceptance speech. This kind of parade is the norm when ensemble shows score an award, but does each and every person on stage actually take home an Emmy?

The National Television Academy behind the Emmys doesn’t explicitly state who gets their very own Emmy to take home when a show wins, but they do stipulate that “Producers, Craft persons and other statue-eligible entrants as listed on the entry form, receive the Emmy statuette, except where noted. Others who worked on a nominated or winning entry may order Production certificates or production plaques.” The organization also notes that “ownership of the Emmy statuette is retained by the individuals and The National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, even if an employer pays entry fees.”

But those rules don’t really address what happens when a show, not a single person, wins a category like outstanding drama. According to the 2016-2017 Rules and Procedures, in order to get your name on the ballot for outstanding drama, you have to have a screen credit as executive producer, co-executive producer, supervising producer, producer, or produced by, “and whose functions support those credits.” A maximum of 10 entrants can be listed on a single entry, so if you’re not filling any of those roles, you won’t be taking home an Emmy, even if you’re the face of the show.

And if you are lucky enough to take home an award, prepare to pay up: those statues actually cost $260 for academy members and $500 for nonmembers.

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