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Why 1 Meteorologist's Hurricane Irma Coverage Landed Him a "Best Weatherman Ever" Trophy

Hurricane Irma has been tearing across the Atlantic, leaving a trail of devastation in her wake. But during a time when people are frantically turning on the news expecting to hear the worst, many have found solace in Alabama meteorologist Alan Sealls. The 30-year news veteran is being praised for his coverage of Hurricane Irma for local news station WKRG, and it’s with good reason. Sealls’s soothing and honest perspective on the hurricane’s possible destruction has viewers comparing him to Bob Ross, calling him “the best weatherman I’ve seen,” and landing him on the front page of Reddit.

There is no doubt that it is incredibly difficult to convey heartbreaking truths about a natural disaster, but Sealls delivers the news in a way that many national meteorologists have never quite been able to achieve. Check out some of his praise below.

  • “This guy reminded me more of a really good professor than a weatherman. If you get a professor or teacher who explains this this well and with this much confidence, you know you’re in for a good semester.”
  • “He was just absolutely outstanding at explaining things, and he explained everything and did it very quickly.”
  • “This guy looks like he owns fifteen #1 dads mugs and deserves all of them.”
  • “He’s like the mister rogers of weather reporting.”
  • “This guy was great! I thought he was not only knowledgeable about what he was presenting, but I just get the vibe that he’s a genuinely nice man.”

After his coverage of the hurricane went viral earlier this week, WKRG decided to make Sealls’s internet praise official – stamping it on a trophy that reads “Alan Sealls Best Weatherman Ever!!!,” seen below. And we can’t emphasize enough how very well-deserved this trophy is.

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