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I'm an Eye Shadow Amateur and Even I Can Use Fenty Beauty's New Glittery Palette

Everyone had the same question when Rihanna first dropped Fenty Beauty: where are all the colors? While she delivered the gorgeous purple Unicorn highlighter stick and the now-famous Trophy Wife gold, the focus was on complexion. She definitely delivered, debuting with 40 shades of foundation and contouring sticks for every skin tone. But we were eager for something brighter from the woman who once made everyone want to try green lipstick.

Turns out, she was just waiting for the holidays. And she did not disappoint, debuting lip glosses and lipsticks in bold, glittery colors. But the real star of Fenty Beauty’s holiday bundle is, hands down, the Galaxy Eyeshadow Palette ($59).

There are 14 shades in the brand’s first-ever palette, and every single one of them has a metallic, shimmery finish. There are both iridescent and layerable options and more highly pigmented, intense hues. I tested them out by creating two looks myself.

Let me be clear: I am no eye shadow expert. I could definitely use a little more practice blending and cut creasing, but if my amateur self was able to easily use this palette, then anyone can. Read on to see the looks I made and get more details on the formulas and shades!

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