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The Widest Foundation Shade Ranges You Can Find at Sephora

I will never forget the first time I stepped foot into a Sephora, looking for a foundation that would be great for my olive skin tone with warm undertones. It took me almost three years from that day, lots of testing and buying different brands and shades, to finally find a match. And now that I’ve found it, I’ve been kind of tied to it. I’ve tried to change formulas, but knowing switching probably means starting a long (and pricey) process again gives me pause.

Tired of this dilemma, I looked back to Sephora. The struggle to find the perfect shade might still be a pain, but the huge beauty store is making it easier for us by offering several foundations in 20, 30, and sometimes 40 shades. We’ve narrowed down the list here by rounding up the brands with the most options. Keep scrolling to find your new favorite or your holy grail pick.

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