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Rejoice! This Yummy Starbucks Frappuccino Isn't Themed After a Mythical Creature

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If you held off on ordering the unicorn, dragon, mermaid, or narwhal Frappuccinos at Starbucks because you felt silly, your time has come: the latest frozen treat from the coffee chain has nothing to do with mythical creatures. Unfortunately for all of us, though, the yummy-sounding Mandarin Mango Tea Frappuccino was only available at Japanese Starbucks locations as a seasonal offering, and its run has since ended. We’re kicking ourselves for not discovering it earlier, as the mandarin mango tea sounds like springtime in a cup, and it’s exactly as photogenic as you’d hope from a Frappuccino!

In a review of the drink and its hot-tea counterpart, RocketNews24 describes the frozen version as “creamy and filled with crunchy surprises.” Those crunchy surprises come from toasted coconut bits that are blended into the topical blend of mango and coconut and also garnished on top of the whipped cream. “The first sip took us to summer in the tropics, with the coconut-mango-mandarin blend singing out with tropical flavors, which were exquisitely balanced in every mouthful,” praises the review. Why must you torture us so?

This isn’t the first international Starbucks drink we’ve lusted after; remember the Japanese Cherry Pie Frappuccino that had the internet drooling? Scroll on to see tasty photos of the mandarin drink and imagine what could have been if this drink had made its way across the pond. If you need us, we’ll be crying in the corner.

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