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5 Grown-Up Ways to Use Unicorn Makeup Without Looking Like a Freak

You cannot turn on the television or go online without reading or hearing about some devastating news across the globe. People are becoming deeply depressed and anxious, so it totally makes sense that they would want to find a way to escape from real life.

Everybody has their own way to deal with difficult times. I personally like to binge-watch Bravo reality shows, while some people like to hit the gym . . . and apparently there are many young women who find it helpful to pretend they are a mythical creature from a far-away land. Makeup and hair trends that are centered on helping women to pretend they are a unicorn or living in a mystical unknown galaxy are becoming more and more popular. Then Starbucks hopped on the trend, and the fact that we are now “drinking unicorns” is a sign that this trend isn’t slowing down.

While I can appreciate the art of escapism, we have to be sure that we are lightly coloring our face with pastel rainbows and shimmer so that we don’t end up looking completely insane. If you want to walk around town as a full-fledged unicorn on a regular basis, then this article is not for you. If you would like to participate in this trend while still maintaining a somewhat mainstream look, then read further to find the five unicorn-inspired makeup trends that you will love but which won’t turn you into a fairy-tale creature.

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