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You'll Scream For Ice Cream When You See These Delicious Beauty Looks

Beauty bloggers draw inspiration from everywhere to create their makeup masterpieces, and the current heat wave has their minds on everyone’s favorite frozen treat: ice cream.

The incredible cosmetic creations involve beauty bloggers drawing melting ice cream on their faces and sprinkles on their eyebrows or necks. Some bloggers even went as far as to put ice cream cones in their hair, so they really looked like a pile of liquified confection. When Cosmopolitan first spotted this trend, they noted a possible reason for the craze. The vast amount of colors that ice cream is available in and the texture of the dessert makes ice cream makeup an interesting and fun challenge for makeup artists to re-create.

While you might not want to spend your Summer by the beach covered in layers of thick bright makeup, it’s never to early to star thinking about possible Halloween costumes. If you’re as obsessed with these colorful looks as we are, beauty blogger Desi Perkins made a video explaining how to master this look for yourself so you can get a head start on practicing.

In the meantime, check out these incredibly sweet looks.

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