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The New Starburst Hair Color Trend Is Deliciously Juicy

Hair colorists draw inspiration from everywhere for their mane masterpieces, and their latest muse is ultrasweet: Starbursts. The Starbust rainbow hair trend joins a plethora of other crazy-hued color trends and is as irresistible as the delicious candy it’s based on.

Originally reported on by Allure, hairstylist Kayla Boyer is credited as the inventor of this candied hair color. It’s achieved by layering sections of pink, orange, and yellow dye to create a brightly colored, blended effect.

If you want to emulate this look yourself, Boyer explained on Instagram of the juicy look how she pulled it off. First, she used Pravana Pure Light Power Lightener to lighten her model’s locks. Next she used Pravana Vivids in Neon Pink and Locked in Pink as the base and melted in the Neon Orange, Orange, Yellow, and Neon Yellow through the hair. The hairstylist also posted a photo of what the hair looked like during processing.

We’re almost as obsessed with this look as we are with the trend’s namesake candy. Read on to see even more strawberry-, cherry-, lemon-, and orange-hued hair.

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