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7 Habits I Had to Form to Finally Stop Skipping Breakfast

Breakfast and I have a complicated relationship. Sometimes we don’t see each other for weeks, but when we’re finally reunited, it’s pure happiness. When breakfast isn’t in my life, I really miss it, but it’s not always easy to make the time for it. What I know for sure is …

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12 Women Harry Styles Might Have Dated at Some Point

You know what’s really difficult about trying to figure out who Harry Styles has dated? The fact that he never openly admits it, and that’s totally his prerogative. The list of women he’s been linked to is long, and my guess is a lot of it is far from accurate …

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29 Celebrity Duos Who Actually Used to Live Together

There are loads of surprising celebrity connections in Hollywood, from the stars who chose their high-profile pals as godparents for their kids, or famous figures you wouldn’t realize are actually related. There are also a handful of celebrities who shared living quarters, whether it was because they were filming a …

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See Which Stars Are on Board For the Dirty Dancing Remake

Dirty Dancing turns 30 this year, and to celebrate, ABC is remaking the classic. The adaptation premieres on Wednesday, and we’re anxious to see how it will live up to the original. Abigail Breslin is playing the iconic role of “Baby,” and we have to admit, her love interest (Colt …

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The Unexpected Gold Mine For Free Wedding Decor

You’ve already gone through the effort of deciding on a color scheme, picking flowers, and determining the overall aesthetic of your wedding – but you have yet to buy wedding decor. If shelling out even more money on decorative items that will only be used one time is making you …

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Here's What to Wear to an All-White-Themed Diddy Party

Whether you’re invited to lounge on a yacht somewhere in St.-Tropez or sip sparkling, European-style Rosé at a white-themed party in Bridgehampton, NY, you’re going to have to dress the part. Yes, that means wearing nothing but the color white. Even if the reigning king of all-white parties Diddy himself …

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