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6 Major Benefits to Minding Your Own Business

Let me start off by saying that I come from a nosy family. Like, everybody on my mom’s side of the family is and always has been extremely nosy (sorry, Mom). If being nosy can be passed down through DNA, I’ve definitely inherited nosiness. Growing up, I never gave a …

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20 of the Cutest Korean Beauty Products You've Ever Seen

Korean beauty products are famous for being innovative, offering skin-loving ingredients and, frequently, adorable packaging. The over-the-top cute factor of K-beauty is one of the reasons the category has surged in popularity in recent years. Plus, it makes the goods completely irresistible. Korean brands are great at transforming ordinary, boring …

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Your Handy Guide to the 6 Types of Bikini Bottoms

Just like how underwear comes in different styles, so too do bikini bottoms. The cheeky, the high waist, and the hipster are some terms you may have heard of. Not to get all technical, but when you shop for body-flattering swimsuits, you should be somewhat familiar with the different styles. …

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These Snow Monkeys Chill in a Hot Spring, Give Zero F*cks

Important announcement: there exists, in this otherwise impure world, a park where snow monkeys lounge in hot springs. Yep, you heard that right: in Yamanouchi, Japan, adorable (and eerily human-like) macaques luxuriate in steaming hot springs in the middle of a snowy park. The park is open to visitors and …

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