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12 Selena Covers That Might Make You Shed a Tear or 2

Selena Quintanilla is a legend in her own right. She completely transformed how the US welcomed Spanish-speaking artists and paved the road for all the generations of performers that have come after. On days when we’re missing the singer who was gone too soon, it’s comforting to settle into some …

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9 Things to Cut Out of Your Life to Be Healthy

Many of you are here to improve your diet and overall well-being and to start cutting certain things out of your life. But that doesn’t always mean junk food or sweets – we’ve got some habits that might be holding you back from your healthy goals that you should definitely …

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All of the Queen's Most Amazing Necklaces

They are worth millions of pounds, and kept secure in the vaults under Buckingham Palace. They represent love, power, and intrigue. Their beauty is famed and their history is unique – one was nearly lost to a royal mistress, one was the subject of investigation, and another has links to …

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