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Why We Can’t Forget Our Recent History

Preston Konrad is a celebrity stylist and lifestyle expert. My apartment is currently a mess. Boxes upon boxes, coffee table books strewn around the living room, shoes lined up as far as the eye can see, and pieces of art stacked in the kitchen. Moving apartments in Manhattan is always …

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Bella Hadid's Bikini Pictures Are So Sexy They Should Be Illegal

Much like her sister Gigi, Bella Hadid’s Instagram account is overflowing with scorching-hot swimsuit pictures. Whether she’s splashing around in the ocean or simply posing for a sexy selfie, Bella can work the hell out of a bikini. Keep reading to see Bella’s hottest swimsuit moments. Related22 Times You Totally …

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Every Reese's Fan Needs These Chocolate Peanut Butter Twinkies!

Calling all Reese’s and Twinkies fans! Hostess has debuted the dessert of your dreams: Chocolate Peanut Butter Twinkies, which are chocolate cake Twinkies filled with peanut butter cream filling. Available on grocery store shelves now, this new snack is similar to Hostess’s other new chocolate products but is even better …

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11 Things You Never Knew About Penises

Penises are so strange! It’s almost like they have a mind of their own – like how they enlarge when it’s warm out (due to faster blood flow) while shrinking in the cold. Though the effects of temperature on penis size are more commonly known, there are other crazy facts …

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How to Make Cinnamon Rolls in 30 Minutes Flat

Look, I’m all for making traditional homemade-dough cinnamon rolls, but sometimes you just want the piping hot buns, dripping with butter and brown sugar, ASAP. When you’re experiencing an uncontrollable jonesing for a homemade batch, but don’t want to go through the whole trouble of making the dough, you’ll want …

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One-Pot Filipino Chicken Adobo Is Shockingly Easy to Make

I’ve never met a cuisine I didn’t like, and ethnic dives are among my most regular haunts. But I’ve never made many of the sought-after dishes at the top of my list: North India’s saag paneer, Korea’s bibimbap, and Cuban tostones con mojo. I decided it was time to tread …

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