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20 Travel Journals to Bring With You on Your Next Trip

Though memories last a lifetime, they do eventually fade, which is why maintaining a travel journal is a great way to preserve all your adventures. You’ll never forget your favorite restaurants, attractions, or vacation highlights with everything documented in one place. Not only will it serve as an awesome reminder …

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Jaime Is Totally About to Strangle Cersei, and This Is Why

Looks like we’ve got even more reason to believe Jaime will kill his sister, Cersei, on Game of Thrones. This scenario traces back to that dreaded prophecy that came from Maggy the Frog in season five. Basically, the prediction states that Cersei will marry a king, then become queen herself …

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13 Common Core Assignments That'll Leave You Scratching Your Head

It’s impossible to step into a PTA or school board meeting without discussing Common Core. The much-talked-about program – which emphasizes critical thinking, problem solving, and analytical skills – has had parents across the country in an uproar for the past few years. Since when does it require a mathematician …

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