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The Walking Dead: Hold Up, Exactly How Old Is Carl Now?

Now that we’re officially into it with The Walking Dead‘s eighth season, there’s still one question that seems to loom unanswered on the show: just how old is our de facto deputy Carl, anyway? He’s obviously old enough to wander through abandoned gas stations by himself, but he’s not yet …

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50 Weird Laws From Across the World

The world is an interesting place, to say the least, and it has some interesting laws and rules to go along with it. While some laws that are written seem completely obvious and make you scratch your head – No bear wrestling! No taking lions to movies! – some are …

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No Worms or Eyeballs in This Adults-Only Halloween Menu

Halloween parties don’t have to be all about the kitschy hot dog ghosts and eyeball deviled eggs. Instead, plan a menu that highlights pumpkin, squash, apples, and other fresh Fall produce. Yes, black and orange colors make an appearance, but naturally and not artificially. Have a happy adults-only Halloween! Related23 …

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15 Gifts For Your Girlfriend Who Always Keeps It Real

There’s always that one friend in the group who’s got more fire than anyone else in the best way. She’s unapologetic about her no-bullsh*t attitude and you wouldn’t have it any other way. If you’ve got a girlfriend who always keeps it real, these 15 gifts were made for her. …

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