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33 Sure Signs That You're an Empath

Do you pick up on the vibe of a room the moment you walk in? Can you almost always tell when someone is lying? Do you just generally have A LOT of feelings? You’re probably an empath. You may be familiar with the spectrum of personality types between introverts and …

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This Ugly-Sweater Nail Art Is Actually Supercute

It’s pretty safe to say that everyone has attended an ugly-sweater holiday party at least once in her life. If you haven’t, you’re missing out on some truly hideous Christmas sweaters. But this year, why not dress up your ugly sweater with a pretty manicure? Our friends at Mars the …

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Why Riverdale's Reveal of the Black Hood Is a Letdown

Riverdale loves to keep fans guessing, and the mystery surrounding the Black Hood this season was no different. After fans came up with elaborate and convincing theories about who the killer could be, the actual reveal during the season two Winter finale is kind of a let down. As Betty …

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